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Long Term Care Insurance

Why a Long Term Care Plan Matters

One of our biggest fears in life, no matter who we are, is losing the people we care the most about. But there is another possibility that we may need to face and that is the possibility that we may live a long life and in doing so, we may lose the capacity to care for ourselves.

We are facing a crisis in the United States. As new advances in medicine continue to progress at rapid speeds, our population continues to age. The unfortunate issue that arises from this is that many of us will need professional care at some point in our lives. Not only is this a difficult issue to discuss, but it is also an issue that has a very real financial cost. Often times, this cost is more than what we planned for and can lead to families having to make tough decisions.

The average annual cost for a nursing home here in northern New Jersey, according to an article from is more than $127,000 while the national average is almost $90,000 per year. That can be a difficult pill to swallow for some and may be impossible for others.

One possible solution is a long term care insurance policy. This world of long term care insurance has changed drastically in recent years but at Boyle Financial we stay in touch with the latest changes in order to give our clients the most up to date solutions in the industry. We have worked with clients on their long term care plan for many years and many of those clients have even had to put those policies to use as they get older. While it is always difficult for us personally when a client's family calls to tell us a loved on will need to begin collecting benefits on their long term care policy, we can know that we did everything we could to help them prepare for that possibility.

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